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Custom Branding Habu
Custom Branding Habu
How to customize your Habu login screen, invoices, members' app and shopping cart.
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It's a straightforward task to customize Habu, enabling you to create a great, own branded experience for your space. Here's an example of a login screen:

Your settings also affect the appearance of the Members App, invoices and your shopping cart. Here are examples of the first two:


There are two settings that matter here and they can both be found under Settings > Hub:

  • Logo

  • Login Screen Background Image


The optimal dimension for your logo to upload is 720px wide by 160px high, with the emphasis being on height. If your logo is taller than this then the logo will be reduced in overall size. Any padding around the logo should also be kept to a minimum. Here are examples of each of these:

It's not a disaster if your logo doesn't work within our guidelines, it just means that your logo will appear smaller than you'd probably prefer as you can see in the example below:

It's optimal if you can save your logo as a .png with a transparent background or as a .jpg with a white background.

It's also great to upload the highest resolution logo that you have. Our image processing engine will reduce the file size without negatively affecting the display of your logo.


Once you've found great and high quality image of your space, you're best off cropping the image to approximately a square or fairly wide rectangular shape. It's not possible to specify a perfect dimension as our image processing engine is responsive to different screen sizes. If you crop to similarly to the image below you'll be on the right track.

We're Here to Help

If you'd like us to help you get things as perfect as possible, we're very happy to help. Just contact us via support and we'll be there 😁

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