Resources are an integral part of making sure you're billing correctly with bookings in Habu. Resources just apply to bookings. They cannot be used outside of bookings for a contact. To do that you'll need to use one-off charges.


When you are creating a resource you'll be ask how you'd like to calculate the charge for it. 

These are a three ways:

  • Per Booking: A per booking resource will add a single, flat charge to a booking, regardless of duration or number of attendees.

  • Per Attendee: A per attendee resource will be charged according to how many attendees you or your member has set for a booking.

  • Per Hour: Habu will calculate a per hour resource based on the duration of a booking.

When you are making a booking you can add resources to your booking once you selected 'Edit':

In this example, we've used one of each kind of resource to show how this works. 

When I was creating this booking, I set 'Attendees' to 20. So when I added 'Tea & coffee' the quantity was automatically set to 20 in resources. If you'd like to override this because you have a different quantity of a resource you'd like to add, you can manually edit this in 'Resources' in edit mode.

With my 'Extra Staff' resource, which is set to per hour charging, I added a quantity of 1 (one extra staff member for the booking). Because this booking is 5 hours long, the resource is multiplied by 5. Again, you can override this, and add a discount or even change the unit price ad hoc in edit mode.

Resources also appear for invited contacts who are using the Member App, when they make a booking. They can also see a breakdown of the total cost of a booking too:

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