For more complex bookings or if you have a large team, it can be useful to make use of tasks in Habu. It's useful to think of tasks as a preset list of things-to-do that you mark off when you've completed a task. It can be a great way for you and the team to keep track of what's left to do.


Once you've set up a few tasks, you can decide whether to make them a default task, which will mean they appear for every booking. And you can set the order that they appear in when you are choosing which task for which booking by dragging the task up or down using the 3 triple lines:

There are 2 ways that admin's can add tasks to bookings: 

  • Via the detailed booking page

  • Via the overview right-hand side bar in the 'Day View'

To complete a task, just select the appropriate check box. It means that the whole team can stay on top of managing a booking, simply.

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