Habu uses user verified primary email addresses to maintain account security for your contacts. The primary email address is the address that they use to a) log in to their account and b) the address that Habu will send emails, such as invoices, to.

A contact's email address is verified by them when they sign up for a membership through your website, buy a product such as a day pass or accept an invite to use the Members App


Prior to a contact verifying their own email address, you can change the primary email address without requiring any input from a contact. A primary email is marked by the grey star:

Once a contact has verified their email address, the primary email address is locked and marked by the padlock symbol you'll see when in edit mode. You change the primary email by clicking on 'Edit' and starring the email to be used:

When you hit 'Save' a dialogue box will pop up letting you know what will now happen if you select 'Confirm'. 

These are the key points to note:

  • An email is sent to the newly selected primary email address requesting that they verify the new email address. They verify this by clicking on the link sent to them.

  • The new primary email address will be marked as 'pending verification' until verification is complete.

  • Once verified, this will be the only email address that they will be able to use to log in. 


What does a secondary email address do?
In terms of Habu, the secondary email does very little. It's just a reference email address you can use in addition to the primary email.

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