Occasionally, we receive error reports from our Habu users indicating that a member or customer is having problems viewing an invoice or accessing the log in page. The result of this will be that the user clicks a link or follows a URL and they'll likely experience a blank screen. 

There are typically three reasons for this:

  1. The user is using Internet Explorer

  2. Their browser or operating system requires updating

  3. Over vigorous ad blocking is turned on. Or a VPN is preventing access  


If they are using Internet Explorer, you should request that they try using an alternative browser, otherwise they will continue to have problems using Habu related services. These are just a few we'd suggest:

We use a mixture of all of these, within the team at Habu and all feature releases are tested in these browsers.

If they're not using Internet Explorer, it's worth checking whether their browser is up to date. Browsers that are very out of date may have display issues. We'd always advise keeping up to date with browser updates to ensure users are as up to date and as secure as possible when using the internet. The same applies to operating systems.

We're big believers in privacy at Habu But on occasion an adblocker can be too vigorous and cause display issues. And the same with a VPN. It's worth you checking with them if they're using one, and request that they turn it off to see if that resolves the issue.

If none of these work, let us know via our user support button and we'll get this fixed asap.

Why don't you support Internet Explorer?

The simple reason for this is that Microsoft stopped developing and supporting IE back themselves in 2016 when they released Microsoft Edge. Because they stopped supporting this browser it meant that more modern, responsive tech, such as that used by us at Habu, sometimes can't be displayed properly.

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