In keeping with our general security and privacy-by-design approach, and as preparation for the major new member self-management feature coming very soon we've introduced a number of key enhancements. And of course, in addition to this, providing you with the tools to help you stay compliant and keep your members data more secure with the upcoming implementation of GDPR!

The effects of these updates are wide ranging, so please do take a few minutes to read through the changes and update your Habu account accordingly.

We've added a new section called 'Legal' under Settings. This enables you to add your:

  • Company legal name

  • Registered company number 

  • Terms & Conditions 

  • Privacy Policy

If you don't set a legal name, the fallback will be to use your display name.

These details appear in a number of key areas such as on invoices, as a footer during the checkout process, and as footer for emails sent by Habu on behalf of your workspace.

#2. Agreeing to Terms and Privacy Policies

Your members and customers will now have to agree to both your Terms and your Privacy Policy (if you've set them) before they can make a purchase when they are in the check out process when buying a website embedded product:

Remember to make use of markdown text formatting to give your Terms and Privacy Policy a polished, formatted finish:

To ensure your customers are always aware of how to contact you, how to access your legal public documents, as well as the tech you're using to help manage your workspace we've created a footer that will appear in the following places:

  • on your login screen 

  • at the check out for products and plans embedded in your website

  • in emails such as invoicing, invites to users for account self-management, etc

  • on your contact page, terms and privacy policy 

#4. Contact Page

Habu now provides a contact page for your customers to find key details such as:

  • Your location

  • Who to contact for support requests

  • Your Opening Hours

You can update these details in Settings > Hub and Settings > Opening Hours. As your opening hours are now accessible from the footer during the checkout process and in emails, it's worth making sure you keep your opening hours accurate, and add days you'll be closed such as public holidays.

This can accessed via the footer, and will be an integral part of the upcoming update too:

#5. Individual Tax Numbers

In some jurisdictions it's a legal requirement to have a contact's tax number displayed on their invoices. These can be updated by going to an individual's contact page and selecting 'Edit'. You'll see it appear here:

They will also be able to add their tax number themselves with the upcoming account management release.

The tax number (and your legal details) will appear here on invoices:

While these aren't the most glamorous feature updates, they are certainly very important, useful and practical. As always, we hope you enjoy the ever-expanding Habu feature set. Any questions, just hit the support button!

👋Warm regards from us all at Habu HQ 👋

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