We're on the verge of something big and beautiful with the User Area being released on Wednesday or Thursday this week! It's one of our most important releases since launching Habu itself and we think you'll ❤️it. 

Prior to that it's important for you to get things ready by adding the best images you have of your workspace to your account.

#1 Upload Workspace Images

Here's the layout of how your new User Area dashboard will look for your space users:

To customize the appearance of the dashboard for your members and non-members, and get things looking amazing head over to Settings > Hub and upload your logo, header image, and your background image:

Then head over to both Settings > Products and Settings > Plans. You'll be able to add a thumbnail image of your workspace once you've clicked on 'Edit'. You'll also be able to change the description text to reflect how you want to promote the benefits you offer too:

Finally, head over to Spaces. Here you'll be able to update both the images and descriptions for your Bookable Spaces and your Flexible Spaces. Note: Flexible Spaces won't appear in the User Area until we release the desk reservation feature (coming soon!):

And if you haven't uploaded images for all of your bookable space it's a great time to do that now too.

Top tip: We recently updated the visibility settings on spaces meaning you can make spaces visible to just admins, to admins and members only, or to everyone using the User Area. Remember to check your space visibility settings are how you want them to be.

These are your optimal dimensions for images to upload. Dimensions are in pixels. And remember, try and upload the best quality images you have. A big file size doesn't matter as we will compress the image for you to make sure screen loading time is perfect:

If you're not a master at photo editing, just experiment with cropping your photo until it feels about right in the saved thumb nail.

# 2 Update Your Details

Prior to release, I'd strongly recommend getting these things updated too:

  • Terms and Conditions (Settings > Legal)

  • Privacy Policy (Settings > Legal)

  • Support Email & Phone (Settings > Hub)

  • Your Profile details to share with the community (Your Contact page)

  • Make sure your bookable spaces, products and plan availability are set to the correct visibility as this sets who can view and access what for users with log ins. 

None of that's compulsory of course, they're just ways to make your new User Area as complete and accessible as possible for your space users.

Myself and the team are looking forward to being in contact with you later this week with our next update!

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