I'm sure you've noticed the exciting new features that have been hitting your Habu account over the past few months... and this latest update is no less exciting! 

Where the User Area brought autonomy for your members and liberation for you, Enhanced Admin Notifications brings you information transparency. Which is just as well, as it's never been so easy for so much to happen within your Habu workspace account!


From today you'll be able to receive both in-app and email notifications for:

  • Check-ins

  • Check-outs

  • Bookings Created

  • Bookings Updated

  • Invoice Paid

In the weeks you'll also be able recieve notifications for:

  • Product Purchased

  • User Sign Up

  • Community Profile Shared

Moving on to the practicals, we've reordered the top bar navigation and introduced a notifications icon:

To access your most recent notifications click on the bell. To access your own Profile page, User Area, Account, Habu Help docs and to Sign Out, click on the circle with your initials in it:

A few notes from here:

  • To mark a notification as 'seen', click on the grey circle to the right of the notification 

  • To mark all notifications from a particular day as 'seen', click on the ⓧ 

  • Clicking on an individual notification will take you through to the relevant, associated page

You'll also see a 'Preferences' link. This will take you through to your personal preferences for notifications where you'll be able to set what kind of notifications you'd like and sent to where:

By default, all admins will have all 'Notifications in Habu' turned on and 'Emails' off unless you already had email notifications set for booking previously. 

If you want to set which notifications your workspace team will receive, scroll to them in your contact list and copy the URL:

and add: 


at the end of the URL. This will enable you to set what they receive and where.

And from the 'See All' link you'll be taken to your history of notifications:

We hope you find this latest update useful in making managing your workspace simpler and smoother! Any questions, you know where to find us 😇

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