Habu is available within all countries except where local laws prohibit the use of foriegn software or where international sanctions apply (Iran, North korea, Syria). 

There are a number of countries that have specific conditions that would require Habu to dedicate additional development resources - known examples include: Accounting (Portugal, Bulgaria, India), Langage (Wales), Server locations (Russia, India). These challenges can be solved on a case by case basis. 

Two major strengths of the Habu platform is the end-to-end automation of monthly processes and ecommerce - whilst they work without payment services, their functionality is limited without it. We work with Adyen and Stripe for payment processing however Adyen has the greatest coverage and continually expand the range of supported countries. 

Adyen support: 

  • Europe (42 countries)

  • USA

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • Brazil

  • Singapore 

  • UAE

  • Mexico

  • All of Asia except China Domestic

  • Egypt 

  • South Africa

  • Israel (via Tranzila)

  • Nigeria (via Access Bank). Visa & Mastercard only, local methods arriving soon. 

  • Russia (via Raiffeisen Russia)

  • Malaysia (via FDMS Malaysia and Maybank)

  • Nigeria (via Access Bank Nigeria). Visa & Mastercard only, local methods arriving soon. 

  • India (via Global Payments India)

  • Indonesia (via BCA or  CIMB, Niaga and BII)

  • Hong Kong 

  • Middle East except Iran, Iraq & Lebanon (large customers only)

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