Habu provides an iCal feed that allows you to view your bookings in most calendar applications including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. 

This is a read only calendar, which means that you cannot edit bookings directly from your calendar application. To make edits you will need do this on your Habu account which you can access directly via a handy link. Calendar feeds are currently read-only to avoid issues with double bookings and invoices. 

The calendar feed shows bookings for the current week, 1 week behind and 2 weeks ahead. The information sent is: Booking title, Location, Notes & a link to the booking in Habu.

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Good to know

Desktop calendars are less instant then Habu and only refresh their feed periodically. Typically they are set to synchronise every 15 minutes, you can adjust this as desired and can manually refresh if desired. 

Security: We use a secure token, specific to your hub. Anyone with access to your hub’s account can subscribe to the feed. Let the Habu team know if you would like this to be regenerated.

Issue: Google Calendar Slow to Update

We see occasional requests from customers experiencing synchronization problems with Google Calendar, usually this is when Google Calendar is slow to update changes made to bookings in Habu.

Unfortunately resolution of this issue tends to be a waiting game and Google suggest there can be a 8-12 hour wait. A thread on Google's forums of people complaining about feeds not updating, has been running for over 4 years!    

By way of some background, the way an ical feed works is that it is your calendar application (Google in this case) periodically requests an update of the information from Habu i.e. Habu does not push the data to you calendar, it's your calendar that requests it from Habu.

At Habu, we like speed and are looking into alternative synchronization options. Please let us know if this is important to your workflow.  

Next steps:

  • More granular controls so that you can subscribe to the feed of specific spaces, or create groups such as ‘meeting rooms’.

  • A calendar feed per space.

  • Two way Google Calendar integration. Allowing for integration with Liquidspace, Sharedesk and more.

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