Xero Integration
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Invoices in Habu can be sent to Xero. 


Contact Matching

As a Xero user you will have an established list of contacts or customers already. To keep things clean, when you first 'send to Xero' to Xero it will ask you to match the contact in Habu with a contact in Xero. This only needs to be done once per contact. To do this you can simply start typing the contacts name in the pop up and we'll show you matching contacts that you already have in Xero. If this contact does not yet exist in Xero you can click 'Create Xero contact' and we'll transfer their details across. If the dialogue does not appear when you press 'Send to Xero' that means the contact has already been matched or created in Xero.

To integrate with Xero please get in touch and we will get you set up. Self sign up is coming soon.

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