Membership Options

Membership options are for plan extras, additional services, and recurring products tied to a subscription.

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Membership Options are an incredibly flexible way for adding additional services, products, and allowances to a member's individual subscription on a recurring basis. 

If attached to a member's subscription, each Membership Option will be billed alongside the plan during each billing cycle at whatever price you set them to.

This makes them perfect for optional additional services and products that some members may want as a part of their monthly plan, but not all. Common use cases are for things like personal lockers, member parking passes, shower access, landline phones, additional conference room hours, additional coworking days, etc. 

Setting Up Options

Options are created in the Settings > Plans section of Habu. 

Once there, you can create a new membership option by pressing the green "+ Option Plan" link at the bottom of the Membership Options section.

Membership options have several important details you can add.

  • Name: the name of your Membership Option which will appear in the Membership > Options section of a member's account

  • Monthly Price: the price of your Membership Option

  • Description: the description of your Membership Option, which will be displayed in future versions of the Members App

  • Account Code: will appear on billing exports

  • Product Code: will appear on billing exports

  • Allowances: will be applied to a member's account when adding this Membership Option

When finished, press save and your Membership Option will appear in its respective section on the Settings > Plans page and will also be available in the Options dropdown menu when subscribing a member to a plan.

Applying an Option to a Member Subscription

To add a Membership Option to a member's monthly subscription simply press the "+ Option" button when adding a plan in the Membership section of the member's account. This will pull up a list of available Membership Options to choose from.

If a membership option contains allowances, those allowances will be added to the member's account when the option is added to their subscription. The membership option will follow the same billing cycle as the subscription.

If you create a subscription where a membership option and a membership plan provide the same allowance type, such as with the case of adding extra conference room hours to a member's subscription in the example above, the allowances from each will appear on separate lines in the Allowances section of the member's account. 

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