Bookings can be created in a number of ways; through the main app, through the members app or via a custom form. This guide is primarily for the main app.

Bookable Spaces

By default, your Habu account starts with some Bookable Spaces already set up as demo content. To learn how to create your own or to edit the existing Bookable Spaces, visit their respective help section.

Create a Simple Booking

To create a booking, as an admin, you can either click or drag on the calendar (you can also click '+ Booking' button on the top left). A click defaults to a one hour booking whereas a drag can be of any length. This is quickest way to start a booking as we capture the space, date and time all in a single click (or drag). 

On the right is a sidebar with a preview of the bookings details, we call this Quick View. All that is needed to complete a basic booking is to choose a contact and then press save. 

Now that you have made an Unconfirmed booking you can either Confirm it below on Tasks or click view to dive into the detailed view. Tip: The detailed view is also available by clicking twice on any booking - the first click is for Quick View and turns it orange, the second goes straight into the details. 

Detailed View

The detailed view is for adding more information about the booking as well as handling billing. It is worth familiarising with charges and invoicing.

Tip: remember to click 'edit' when you want to change details, finely tune the start or end time of the booking, change the space and so forth,

Displaying your bookings

There are three ways to display your bookings; Day View, Month View and List View. All three have their benefits but by default we display the Day view first.

Day view displays just the opening times of your hub, however it expands if a booking extends outside of these times. If it expends as far as the opening time of the following day then we treat this as a multiday booking - the booking will be truncated and have a jagged edge. At the top of the page is a date picker. Tip: you can return to today by clicking on the Day View button in orange. 

Month View shows all bookings across the calendar month. Next to a booking you can see the booking status as a coloured circle. You can also click on the day of the month to go to Day View for that date. Furthermore when there are more than 3 bookings on a day, a button will appear to show them all. 

List View is a great view for filtering and searching through your bookings. 

Booking status

Bookings with an unconfirmed status are shown in grey in the calendar. The status is used for provisional or penciled in bookings as well as bookings where specific conditions need to be met before confirmation - this may include things like taking deposits or exchanging contracts. Tasks are a great way to manage these requirements. Unconfirmed bookings are not shown in the members app.

These bookings are shown in blue and prevent non admin users from creating conflicting bookings.

These are shown in red. Only a cancelled booking can be deleted. 

Double Bookings

By design an administrator can create conflicts such as double bookings whereas a member cannot. When two bookings conflict, a warning is shown on both bookings an the overlap visible on the calendar.


Turnaround times help avoid bookings being made too close to each other by adding additional time to the start and end of a booking. The added time is not chargeable and will not be included in reports. We are working to provide more granular control so that different space of bookings may have different turnaround times. Let us know if this is important to you.

Time Slot Increments controls the number of minutes that a booking snaps to, whether thats 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes. For example, if you set that number as 15 then bookings can only be made on the hour or at 15, 30, 45 minutes past.

Booking Types can be used for categorising bookings. They are created in Settings. You can filter bookings according to type in the List View.

Resources (options or extras) may be added to a booking yourself or by a member through the app. They help you know how to set up the space for when the contact arrives or what services they have requested. These can be set as chargeable. You can read more about Resources here

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Layout and capacities

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