With our latest update (automatic of course) we have taken our localisation to the next level. 

Dates and times are now done in the way that you want; whether you like AM / PM (USA), want to input your dates as 2017.03.14 (Sweden) or view it in your native language 2017年3月14日 (Japanese). We support 150+ countries and formats.

Your date and time formats are based on your country and is set automatically upon signup. You can change the format in on the settings page.  


Tip: You can type in 011217 or 1st dec 17 to get 01/12/2017 (US format).

You can manually type in any time (and date) of booking you would like and can even use shortcuts such as typing 9pm or 21 to get 9:00 PM. The time input now includes a dropdown picker and shows you durations. 

Members App

The members app currently uses the same locale as the admin app however our localisation plan does includes the ability for users to choose this themselves. This will mean a coworking hub in Japan could provide a good experience for local coworkers as well as digital nomads. Below is the current members app with the locale set to Japanese.

Next Steps

We believe in cultural diversity and we can't wait to see Habu in your language. Coming up next in this quest is:

  • Number localisation 

  • Full translation into 5 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Hindi.      

  • Per user localisation. 

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