Bookable spaces are for meeting rooms, event spaces, or other resources that are typically reserved by the hour or day. Setting up bookable spaces is simple and fast. Spaces you add will be visible and bookable via the Members App and the Bookings tab in the admin panel.

Creating a Bookable Space

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To create a new Bookable Space, navigate to the Spaces screen and click "+ Space". From the drop down menu, select Bookable Space to begin your space setup.

To set up a new bookable space, simply navigate to the Spaces tab and click to create add a space. There are 4 input fields that feed through to the Members App, which are important to give members an accurate idea of the space they are booking:

  • Space Name

  • Price

  • Area & Capacity

  • Description

You can also upload a photo of your space. Your photo will be automatically cropped to work with the members app on mobile phones. The preview is the same as it will appear for your members - if you want it to look different to this you can use your favorite cropping tool to get it just right (the image is 375x150px).

For accounting purposes, you can add an account and product code which will be included in data exports.

If there are any future bookings in this space, they will be shown at the bottom of the page in the Bookings section. The data in this section, as with much of the data throughout Habu, is linked so you can easily navigate the the specific booking made in this space or the person who booked it.

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