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Creating membership plans to use for monthly billing and assigning member allowances.
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Plans allow you to create a container for recurring monthly billing and allowances, allowing you to take full advantage of Habu's recurring billing system and simplify your members' access to your shared workspace.

The plans you set up are visible in the Membership Plans section on the Settings > Plans page of your admin panel and can be added to any contact.

This article covers how to create membership plans, including adding allowances to your Plan, and assigning plans to contacts.

Creating a New Plan

To create a new Plan, navigate to the Settings > Plans page and click "+ Membership Plan". 

You can add several details to your Plan, which are explained below. 

  • Name: the name of your Plan which will appear on a contact's account when subscribed to a plan as well as in the drop-down menu when subscribing a contact to a plan

  • Monthly Price: the monthly price of your Plan

  • Description: will appear in future versions of the Members App

  • Terms & Conditions: will appear in future versions of the Members App

  • Account Code: will appear on billing exports

  • Product Code: will appear on billing exports

If your plan doesn't contain any Allowances (explained below), such as with a virtual membership or events-only membership, click Save to create your new plan.

Once you're happy with your new plan it can now be assigned to any contact, which will change their status from Contact to Member.


If you'd like to attach booking credits or day passes to your plan you can easily do so by adding Allowances. Allowances can be in the form of hours or days for your Flexible Spaces and Bookable Spaces.

To learn all about Allowances, visit the Allowances help documentation.

Contacts vs. Members

By default all new people added to Habu are Contacts rather than Members. The key difference between a Contact and a Member is that Members have a recurring subscription plan attached to their account. Therefore, creating a member is as simple as adding a subscription to a contact.

Assigning Plans

Plans aren't directly assigned to contacts on their own. Plans must exist inside a subscription. A subscription is essentially a container which must contain a plan, but can also include any number of membership options. Options are extremely useful for things like additional conference room hours, parking passes, or ongoing locker use. Read all about Membership Options here.

To create a subscription, navigate to a contact's account page and click to edit the contact, then click "Create Subscription" in the Membership section.

From here, select your desired plan from the dropdown menu and add any options you'd like. 

You must also select a start date for the subscription. Currently Habu only performs recurring billing at the 1st of each month, but will work with rolling billing dates in the future. By default Habu prorates subscriptions that start in the middle of the month. Proration is explained in further detail here. To avoid prorating a subscription plan, simply change the membership start date to the 1st day of the month and the full monthly value of the subscription will be added to the members' charge.

Click save and your plan is now assigned to your new member via their new subscription. 

If your plan contains any allowances, they will appear in the allowances section after saving the subscription. At the end of the subscription billing period the assigned Plan's allowances will be reset, providing the member their new month's allowances.

Changing or Cancelling a Member's Subscription

You can schedule cancellations or changes to a member's subscription for the next billing cycle from their contact page in the Membership section. 

All changes to the plan will be reflected in the the charges section of their account, so long as they haven't already been invoiced. If you choose to end their subscription, their membership will end at the next billing cycle and they will no longer be considered a member in the system. You can also reinstate the membership if you'd like.


Note: contacts are still sent recurring invoices if you have turned on recurring invoicing in your hub's settings, even if they aren't assigned a subscription. This means that if they continue to run up charges throughout the next month they will be invoiced for those charges at the beginning of each month.

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