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Issues with Card Payments
Issues with Card Payments
Resolving Stripe card processing issues with auto-payments
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Occasionally you'll experience a payment failure with member auto-payments. Card declines are almost inevitable as cards expire, members lack sufficient funds in their account, or due to potential risk based on Stripe's machine learning engine.

Habu keeps track of declined card payments and provides you with the relevant information to resolve the issue.

Locating Payment Failures  

On the Billing overview page there are 4 possible payment statuses you might experience: 

  • Unpaid

  • Paid

  • Declined

  • Error

You can either search through the list of all invoices:

Alternatively, you can use the 'Payment Status' filter that you'll find towards the top right of your screen and select 'Failed' to see all payment failures:

Finding out more

To get a deeper insight into (a) why the payment has failed and (b) what can be done to resolve the issue, you need to look at the specific invoice itself. You can do this by selecting the invoice 'Number': 

When you in the detailed view of your invoice you'll see a 'Payments' log where you'll be presented with (a) the reason for payment failure and (b) what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue. This information is provided directly by Stripe. You can read more about the reasons for card processing failures here

Resolving the Issue

You can resolve the issue in many cases by updating a member's card details. This can be done one of two ways;

  • The admin updating the member's card details

  • The member updating their card details

For you to update the member card details, go to the member profile and make sure that you have the member and their card next to you. When you select 'Show Card' you can then 'Edit' and 'Save' the new card details. 

You'll now be able to retry taking payment when you return to the detailed invoice screen.

Members can update their card details by viewing the invoice that they have been emailed by using the 'Pay Now' button on the bottom of the invoice. When they've pushed the 'Pay Now' button, a dialogue box will appear and they can update their card details.

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