If you have a booking that you'd like repeat on a weekly basis you can use the 'Duplicate' booking feature. You'll find this on the 'Actions' drop-down menu for a booking on both the main bookings day view screen and within the detailed booking view itself:


Before duplicating your booking it's important to check over all of the details for the booking. This is because almost all details, resources and charges are added to the future instances of the booking. The only detail that isn't added to future bookings is discounts. If you want to apply discounts to any charges or resources you'll need to do this manually.
When you're happy with everything, select 'Duplicate'. You'll then be presented with a dialogue box asking how many times you'd like to duplicate the booking: 

When you've entered how many weeks you'll be shown the dates that you're making the booking for. Select 'Confirm' to save.

You can duplicate the booking for a maximum of 12 weeks in a row. If you'd like to add bookings that go further into the future, simply go to the last instance of the booking and select 'Duplicate' again

What Duplicating Bookings Doesn't Currently Do

The 'Duplicate' booking feature is just the first step towards more powerful repeat booking functionality. In the future you'll be able to create complex booking patterns by the day of the week, day of the month, year and so on. 

When you duplicate a booking, all future instances of this booking are unconnected. This means that if you need to change the time or any other details of the booking after you've duplicated it, you'll have to do this manually for each booking.

When bookings are duplicated, Habu doesn't check for potential conflicts with other bookings. This is something you need to do manually.

Tip: Using the drop down monthly calendar is the quickest way to manually check bookings as you can simply select by the day of the month.

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