This help doc is more about outlining a few of the key ways that memberships work in Habu and answering a few FAQs

If you're looking for specific details in how to get membership plans and options set up, check out these help docs:

Membership Plans
Membership Options

What is a Member?

A member is anyone who has an active subscription plan in Habu.

How do Memberships Work in Habu?

Habu currently works with memberships by prorating the first month a member subscribes to a plan and then moves them on to a recurring 1st of the month billing cycle.

A quick example of this would be Member X signs up for a $200 plan on 15th July. Habu immediately generates the prorated charge of $111.86 covering 15th July - 31st July 31. Habu also generates the next month charge of $200 covering 1st Aug - 31st Aug recurring every month thereafter, up until you end the subscription.

Does Habu work with membership plans on different billing dates?

Currently no. If you bill members on different days of the month you will need to transition to a prorated first month. All of your members, after the first month, will then be billed on the 1st of each month thereafter. 

There are always costs associated with transitioning between different ways of billing or management software. We will be introducing different billing dates later in 2017. However in our experience, having all members being billed and then charged on the same day really helps cash flow. This is an example of how our underlying ethos at Habu is keeping things simple.  

Can I have membership plans that recur every 3 months or annually? 

At the moment, no but in the future it will be a yes! Prior to that you can create products that that don't recur in terms of payments or being regenerated, but that have allowances and expiry dates.

How do auto-payments for memberships work?

If you set your configurations for both auto-invoicing and auto-payments, and have integrated Stripe with Habu you've done the lion share of the work necessary to automate billing for your space.  

Best practice for the next step would be to invoice immediately for the first, prorated month which generates an invoice with a 'Pay Now' button:

After Member X has paid this invoice, their card details are then securely stored by Stripe. And with that you have full payment automation ready to go. 

On the 1st day of the month all charges, that's the membership for the month ahead plus any extras such as any past bookings that fell outside of membership allowances, are collected into an invoice and emailed to Member X. On the 2nd, payment is then automatically taken. The reason for charging on the 2nd is to give your members 24 hours to view the invoice and make sure everything has been included correctly before payment is taken.

Can I change a membership plan mid-month?

There's a Habu honeymoon period that last for 2 months with members that have been newly subscribed to one of your plans. You can make as many changes as needed up until an invoice for the membership has been raised. 

Once that first invoice has been created, any subsequent changes to membership plans are scheduled to become active on the 1st of the next month.


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