'Products' are a powerful way for you to create a revenue stream the distinct from both memberships and bookings. You can set up products that have allowances, such as an individual Day Pass, bundles of day passes or meeting room packages. With products that have allowances, you can also define an expiry date. Alternatively, you can set up products that don't have an allowance such as a t-shirt or coffee cup. 

We're currently working on enabling the ability to embed and take upfront payments for these products directly from your website.


You create products by going to 'Settings' > 'Products' and selecting + Product:

Once you're in the add product screen you'll be able to set up your various products, with or without allowances for your bookable (i.e. meeting & conference room) or flexible (hotdesks) area. You can add an expiry if required:

Selling Your Products

You can sell a product via the admin interface by navigating to a contact page. Midway down the page you'll see the 'Orders' section. If you select 'Edit' you can add a product to the contact account: 

If there is an allowance attached to the product then this will be shown under the 'Allowances' section and listed as active. It will also generate a charge. You will need to refresh the page to see both of these changes. If you've linked your Habu account to a Stripe account and your contact has a card stored under 'Payment Method', you can take payment for the product immediately. 

If this conditions don't apply, you can generate an invoice from the charge and email it to them for payment.

A product with allowances that haven't been used up and are still within date, will be shown as active up until either they pass the expiry date or are used up.

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