In the Habu world spaces are not seen as resources, we handle these differently (see help file). Resources instead are additional items/extras/options that are needed by a booking e.g. a projector & 3 coffees are needed in room 3 at 14:00. 

You can add (and edit) your resources in settings and apply them in a booking. 

In Settings you can specify a name, a description, the price (if any) and whether you charge per hour, per booking or per person. 

Per booking - charges for the number of resources in a booking (# of resources = quantity within an invoice). 

Per hour - charges for the number of resources in each hour of a booking (duration x # of resources = quantity within an invoice). This can help you charge more precisely for resources such as projectors or people such as sound engineers. 

Per person - changes the default quantity in a booking to match the number of attendees. This can be very useful for resources such as catering items and chairs.


  • Resources are currently for bookings only, this will be expanded so that a contact or a member can also consume resources e.g. printed 10 sheets of paper.
  • Resources will soon have minimum and maximum quantities to avoid overbooking particular resources. 
  • We’ll also add times so that you can schedule resources such as Teas and Coffees. 
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